the eyePod
Model: Angeline ManahanPhoto & Edit: E. Dacay / 

the eyePod

Model: Angeline Manahan
Photo & Edit: E. Dacay / 

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I have closed the windows and I am now going to spend my time on an apple.

I thought my parents wouldn’t buy me a Mac yet this year since I’m JTA-ing and it’s  is kinda expensive(the latter, or both), so I didn’t expect them to buy me one SO SOON. I did ask for one though, before, since my laptop is outdated (2007. Big, bulky, and 1gb RAM). So longgggg old, slow, heavy, fat laptop.

Now that I’ve got a faster one, I can venture to more graphics stuff (hopefully): Maya or any 3D software, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop CS5?, etc.

Still using the Windows right now since I have to complete my projects first that are in this laptop; I need someone to help me install stuff in the Mac. Waiting for Bob the roommate to get back so he can install stuff.

Thankful to my parents for letting me get both—- the jta program and a new, faster, strong laptop (oh, I can now play HoN!!).

//a once-in-a-blue-moon blog; perhaps the first blog-ish here. time to experience…. the Mac experience.

P.S.: Typing Mac reminds me my old course, MAC (Management of Applied Chemistry).
P.P.S.: The booklet is so MARKETING-y. “Congratulations, you and your MacBook Pro were made for each other.” 

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