Chengdu Panda Reserve, Chengdu, China.

Got to touch a panda!

Leshan, Chengdu.

Photo by Ean Dacay (me)

gingerlicious96 said: Hey, you've an amazing blog! You inspire me to do better with my photography. I'm definitely following you! - Lewis

Thanks :D

gingerlicious96 said: And you should tag your photos 'photographers on tumblr' and 'original photography' as they seem to be the most searched!

Thanks for the tip! Really. Didn’t know about this.

Can’t seem to find the name of this spot..! But it’s a tourist destination in Jiuzhaigou near the Huang Long pools. It’s on top of the mountains and we needed to bring a can of oxygen.

Photo by Ean Dacay (except the one of me, of course)

A village in East Tibet. Streets in it. Tibetan headdress.

Photo by Ean Dacay

Nuorilang Falls, Jiuzhaigou.

One of the best I’ve seen. This is the same area with my previous post (Five Flower Lakes)

Photo by Ean Dacay (me)

Five Flower Lake & Mirror Lake, Jiuzhaigou.

A must see in one’s lifetime. Seriously. They’re best seen during autumn.

Photo by Ean Dacay (me)